Courtesy of the FAA

Starting January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace:

If you fly in this airspace you must be equipped with ADS-B
BGenerally, from surface to 10,000ft mean sea level (MSL) including the airspace from portions of Class Bravo that extend beyond the Mode C veil up to 10,000 feet MSL (i.e.- SEA, CLE, PHX)
CGenerally, from surface up to 4,000ft MSL including the airspace above the lateral boundary up to 10,000ft MSL
EAbove 10,000ft MSL over the 48 states and DC, excluding airspace at and below 2,500ft AGL
Over the Gulf of Mexico at and above 3,000 feet MSL within 12 nm of the coastline of the United States
Airspace within 30 nautical miles (Mode C veil) at all Class B locations from the surface up to 10,000 feet MSL

Any airspace that requires the use of a Transponder today will on January 01, 2020 also require aircraft to be equipped with a Version 2 ADS-B Out system. This can be either a 1090ES (DO-260B) ADS-B system or a UAT (DO-282B) ADS-B system.

For aircraft operating above FL180 (18,000 ft.) or to comply with ADS-B mandates outside the United States, you must be equipped with a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter. For aircraft operating below 18,000 ft. and within the United States ADS-B rule airspace, you must be equipped with either a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter or with UAT equipment.

graphical depiction of airspace requirements

Interactive ADS-B Airspace Map

Download the Equip ADS-B Google Earth map (KMZ) to look at the location of ADS-B rule airspace at your home base and where you fly. Pan and zoom to different locations and turn on the various capabilities the map includes:

  • 3-dimensional depictions of rule airspace, airports, and temporary flight restrictions in real time
  • Overlays of ADS-B surveillance coverage — airspace where ATC can see aircraft transmitting ADS-B Out information at altitudes of 500′, 1,500′, 3,000′, 5,000′ and 10,000′ AGL
  • Non-radar airspace where aircraft transmitting ADS-B can be seen by ATC

Need help? Watch the Google Earth Demo video and take a look at the instructions(PDF) for how to download and view the Equip ADS-B Google Earth map.